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Suspended Between Earth and Sky

by Ageless Oblivion

Old restless skin, an aged pallet Portraying an obscure existence of torment and such resilience An empty vessel, the broken casket What temple does this man bow down to? Before us, staggered standing and hardly breathing Arms light the skies Eyes fall open wide Thy shall not listen Preaching to us while you quiver and moan Cold desolate skin, empty sermons you submit of self loathe Still you deliver, but only to your own Empty vessel, broken casket Cast aside like filthy rags, succumb to your solitude as you will preach to us no more. Eyes open wide, at your pyre you beg for remorse But to whom, we shall not know And for why, we wait to be shown Thy shall not listen, swallowing the darkness as it fears the light Its groans haunt the eve and infect the breeze Its whisper is carried a thousand miles, chilling the bones of ten thousand men. Earth is fire, you must obey It will cleanse of life and rid the light from day Fearless we remain Misled, we cast it astray Speaking not of our lord, but of a benevolent creator Whose generosity would flourish until the deceiver earths their seed and speak not of loyal, but of power and greed As a wound must bleed to heal, Liquid fire from lacerations will cauterise its anguish Its adversary and its architect WE HAVE BECOME FIRE
Stripped is the light from day The heaviest nightfall that consumes all life Frost bitten summer abandons all growth, left with empty mouths and barren wells Forcing the allegiant to swallow their sworn oaths Unsettling tranquillity and uprooting array The darkness has spread and adhered to all hope, leaving humanity in dismay Uprooting array Leading humanity astray and left bereft of life Their misery settles like dust to cloth A pall of darkness beds the Earth Alluring only to the Moth, Impatient and in lament of the Sun Their misery adheres like ash to water A pall of darkness beds the Earth Luring the weak to slaughter, impatient in lament of the Sun Misery streams down like Achnelith A pall of darkness smothers the Earth In lament of the Sun, awaiting its rebirth Frost bitten summer abandons all growth, left with empty mouths and barren wells Relapse in loyalty, breaching their oath Unleashing hostility, leave all in disarray Infinite heirs to madness inherit widespread decay Regret torments those in awe Neglect reflects their ignorance and portrays their violence Visionless visionaries feeding from sulphuric fog Vomiting their fictitious perceptions, leading the darkness astray Adhering to all hope, leave all in disarray Civilisations cleansed of civilisation, the allure of inhumane influence.
Solar radiance stood still 
Opacity of the reddened fog growing frail
 Atmospheric intolerance, pioneering the greatest chill Hardening surface harbouring the spreading affliction of Icey parasites
Seeking no harvest but seeking to crawl Through our homes, through our skin and through our clothes 
Exhume the warmth and leave nothing but emptiness Crystal chrysalis blooms into fragments of despair 
 Spreading wings and infiltrating our breath 
Into our lungs, and solidifying our blood 
Choking on a reckless gasp of air Smothering the flame that once brought us to grave with a moth eaten cloak
 Suppressing its path but submitting to its glowing shards
That rebuild our hopes, with remnants of warmth from the hidden light of the sun Contagious irrelevance of our pastors 
Like driftwood, astray from the fabric of normality Absorbs nothing but the cold, for months, for years
 Leaving us as the dregs

 Will this solitude direct us back to reality?
 Will this endless winter surrender, and release us from depravity?
 Liberate the winds from this seizure
 Unfold your grip on prosperity 
Remit the warmth from the hidden light of the sun 
Return to morality.
Anvil Chorus 09:20
The plight of ash woven tombs, carries burden like disease Incessant sky fall preserving the skin but destroying the soul Search for the strength to find resolution The dust hardens to clay, your tears fall like cement and bind your hands with the dirt Becoming the ground as the earth curdles your blood and abrades at your sores Continue to empty this hole yet it overflows with sorrow The mound exhumed, tells of history - tells of mourning Molten human dregs, your eyelids unable to restrain the misery, impervious skin weeping Using our blistered limbs as tools. Tools to deliver only anguish Blackened hands smothered with grief, stained with human residue Unearthing a victim of preservation, sanity blooms as the moonlight would ignite ocean A passage, a sign, an embrace of emotion Suppressing the mourning with a deafening slumber, an awakening so vivid it would deny the sound from thunder Cast an epiphany from this seething mound of ash Forge life from your swollen heart of fire This moment of solace defies all that was written Monolithic mountain Subdue the currents that quench our sores The winds that erode our skin and the rains that cauterise our wounds Glowing skin, molten within – fuse our palms with your flesh Becoming one, entwined but the agony curdles with your blood Sacrificial allegiance To hold hands with the dead Their revisions bleed through your porous skin To see and to breathe of the worst you could imagine Monolithic mountain Ever watching eye, the eye that eats into the shadows Merciless Belial pours searing heat into every man’s palm Permeates through flesh, through bone Twisted within thousands of men Empty shells stand by your side and you have never felt so alone
Cohesion 07:50
Atomic collision, sulphuric dislocation to nourish The wrath of imbalance Premeditating failure of unity between Earth, Sun and Moon Centrifugal collapse, insecure and volatile The core of actuality becoming frail Elusive tides honouring their myth as an unstable force Not to be reckoned with Liquid war with an immortal Sword nor shield could withstand such affliction From an adversary that knows not of mercy Bestowing death with fluency Generations of loyalty eased, cease life In awe of the great white wall A tidal force will reign down to appease the deity and quench its charred blistered heart Offerings neglected as treason to its thirst Commanding the seas to rise for and take heed Smother the lands with organic genocide With destruction and disease The wrath of imbalance Premeditating failure of unity between Earth, Sun and Moon Reversing the balance of life and death Entire civilisation swallowed into a molten black tomb Every morsel of inheritance digested and churned into excrement Aside their beliefs, blinded by solidarity Generations absorbed never to be spoken of As a mist dissolves by the touch of Sun With no recognition of existence and no one to speak of its relevance All is lost Flawed is the bond Cohesion within aversion A premature end
Eldmessa 10:54
She breathes with a heavy despair Open wounds will open minds Forge an attraction for perversion Waiting to glare inside Ignorance fluctuates through the masses But when she speaks even your god’s will hold silence And we will feed her with our death. Listen we did not Divinations betrayed Negligence held the pyre whilst we worshipped the fire we must now pay our due Spoken not in words Her decaying soul enrichens the sulphur The stench of what is to come, misleading to none The bones of every man crumble to dust War cannot be undone Glowing fissures scorching the winds Igniting and suspending the flame Setting fire to the sky, her tears quench nothing but fuel the burn And blood drenches her skin Molten heart pumping magma from her veins A torrent of death To spill through these blackened days. Through starvation and frost, through the darkness and death Uniting all to drink from the same chalice, yet there is nothing left An aftermath breathing with the sun, revealing hope but yet serving none To witness no man’s land, and empty space where you will preach to anything Suspended between earth and sky, a whisper will fragment into thunder She has spoken with an empathy for disaster Her Destructive noose, constricting life to an endless winter, to a year of no light Listen we did not Divinations betrayed Negligence held the pyre whilst we worshipped the fire Listen we have not Inspirations have frayed Negligence held the pyre as we became the fire


After a period of dormancy lasting more than 5 years, Ageless Oblivion return to the fold with a statement of intent that aims to solidify their place in the world of expressive Metal. Written prior to the pandemic, their third album Suspended Between Earth and Sky is nonetheless the soundtrack to an age of hopelessness. Shunning the polished / pro-tools grid stylings of modern Technical Death Metal, or the straight Morbid Angel worship of more Modern bands; Suspended Between Earth and Sky is instead an album of pure expression, using the cold and despair of a volcanic winter as its concept, it is an emotive and crushing testament to our fragility as a species. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuel Turbitt at Ritual Studios (The Infernal Sea, Unfathomable Ruination, Shrapnel, Scordatura), the album is the pinnacle of the bands capabilities, and the soundtrack to the end of all things


released April 30, 2021


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